Taksa keeps money

Financial tools for people and companies

Taksa helps manage money. Taksa is a set of tools for people and companies to help them make the right financial decisions

We want people and companies, regardless of the resources they have, to have the best tools to preserve and increase their capital.

Evgenue E. CEO

How to use Taksa

Instead of tables and excel formulas, Taksa offers a set of simple tools for solving regular financial tasks. Taksa will make the calculation of the main financial indicators as well as the drawing of charts in a few clicks.

Share your tasks with us

We will help you find the best solution based on Taksa tools

Choose a plan after testing the tools

We will simplify your regular tasks so that it is profitable for you

Taksa can be easily integrated with any other tools and systems



Data Studio


You can download the data from the chart to your phone or PC in the format: excel/csv/json or to any program for working with data, for example R. Taksa also supports working with data studio.

What can Taksa do

Select profitable financial instruments

Find a smart investment solution

Do financial planning

Calculate the main business model metrics: ROI, IRR, PP. Receive reports: P&L, ODDS

Find cash gaps and other bottlenecks in your project

Cost cash flow based on a list of fixed income and expenses

Useful calculators

Your savings
Answers the question: How much money will you have in X time, taking into account current income and expenses.
Compound interest
Answers the question: how much will you save in X years by regularly replenishing your account.
Credit load
Answers the question: what loan can you afford.
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